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Emerging Technologies

VR cxrane
Free close up flying drone public domain CC0 photo.
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Holly Construction consistently seeks out and deploys emerging technologies that facilitate efficient and safe operations and provide clients services beyond standard offerings.

Virtual Reality Safety Training

Safety training is as important to workers as the tools needed for the job. The knowledge and skills needed to do their work safely is crucial to avoiding encountering or creating hazards. Healthy organizations provide ample opportunity for training to keep workplaces safe and workers healthy.

Virtual reality (VR) training simulations can create an artificial world where workers can practice safety exercises in an immersive and safe environment. A 2015 study published in the International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion found VR/AR training more effective than traditional classroom training, show improved knowledge retention and recall.

UAVs Inspection

The main challenge of the essential task of pipeline inspection is coverage over vast networks and varied terrain.

Traditional methods for pipeline inspection are manually intensive and thus can be expensive, slower, and sometimes dangerous. Inspections with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), or drones, are cost-effective, reduce monitoring time, are safer from an operational standpoint and environmentally friendly. Additionally, we can monitor the pipeline itself as well as survey the environmental conditions along the distribution network.

Our FAA-certified drones provide short and mid-range coverage and can be equipped with cameras and sensors that can capture images or videos, stream real-time surveillance images, assess the pipeline surface for any signs of external damage and/or corrosion, and identify and provide information on gas leaks.