Holly’s Tank Division offers a full range of services spanning design, procurement, construction, maintenance, inspection, and repair of above ground storage tanks, heat-exchangers, pressure vessels and boilers.

Our personnel have expertise in repair and re-build of a wide variety of high-pressure, low-pressure, cooling and heating systems. We are experienced in carbon steel and alloy metal fabrication.

A stringent NBIC-certified R-Stamp Quality Control program ensures a quality product every time.

● New Tank Construction (API 650)

● Fire Protection Systems

● Floating Roofs

● Plate Rolling

● API 653 Inspections

● Bottom Design and Repair

● Seal Installation and Repair

● Shell Modification

● Tank Jacking and Leveling

● Tank Ringwalls

● Liner Installation

● Tank Hydrostatic Testing

● Fitness For Service (FFS) /Hydro-Exemptions

● Industrial Cleaning

● NDE, including Vacuum-Box Testing